Certified Trainers-Educators

Trainers/Educators: Our “feet in the classroom” team is comprised of an excellent cache of professional educators with a broad base of experiences.

From senior retired military personnel with extensive training backgrounds to successful civilian business people with a strong desire to share their knowledge, we provide the right fit between instructor, curriculum, and audience.

Recent student comments reflect our success:

“Excellent course, well prepared, time well used & interesting & informative.”

“Libby was wonderful. Points of references to subject matter were detailed and extensive.”

“I loved the handouts that the instructor shared.”

Mr. Lester is a great instructor. Involved the students. Held my attention.”

“… overall excellent training course-good instructors with valuable information”

“Very well done, need more”.

Whether it be a soft skills class, complex technical training, or a course developed and delivered to address a client’s specific needs, we have the Educator and Trainer talent pool guaranteed to provide exceptional results every time.

KMS, Information to Knowledge at the Speed of Thought.